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September 1, 2015

Dear Friends and Donors,

As many of you have seen the tennis courts at John Jay High School are complete.  Our JJ Girls Tennis Varsity and JV teams have been using the facility for the past two weeks as has the community. I had an opportunity to hit on them and they are truly as beautiful to play on as they are an addition to our John Jay Campus.  We welcome all to use them as you wish during off school programming.
We will be celebrating this accomplishment by marking the occasion September 18th, at 3pm on the tennis courts and 6pm at waccabuc CC Carriage House.  Details of the day are included in the below invitation.  This Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is an open event and all are invited.  After a formal Ribbon cutting we will be having clinics for the youth of our community, 13 and under so we can utilize the blended lines, as well as having some of our past graduates and current members perform exhibitions.  Please come join us for an exciting afternoon.
Later at the Carriage House we will have a party to celebrate the occasion and appreciate the almost 3 years of work that went into building these courts for our community.  Many still are unaware that this effort was fully funded by the generosity of our community.  Over 200 families donated to make this possible and it could not have been accomplished without all of your support and enthusiasm. 
I look forward to seeing you all September 18th. Please spread the word. AND WITH THIS EMAIL…. I WILL SIGN OUT….FOR NOW :) ENJOY!!


August 12, 2015

Dear Friends, Neighbors and Donors,

As many of you have seen from driving by John Jay, our courts are nearly completed.  The first bay of 3 courts are done, and the second bay is slated to be completed this Friday, \
The final coats of paint will occur this week as well at the addition of the "10 and under Lines" to add playability for our junior members of the community, (compliments of the USTA).   Oval Tennis has done an outstanding job and have stayed on schedule thoughout the project.  We are completing a few grounds maintenance items as well this week so our complex will look as nice as possible in front of our campus.
Since we are in the dog days of summer and some members of our community are still vacationing, we are going to have our official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Celebration on Friday September 18th.  We are working out the program for the day as we speak, but please save the date.  All donors and interested parties are more than welcome.  A tentative schedule of events will include:
3:00pm-  Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and the official donating of the courts to the KLSD from the Katonah Lewisboro Community Tennis Association.
3:30-5pm- Junior 10 and under clinics and junior and adult exhibitions
6pm- Cocktails, Hors d''oeuvre,  Music  (music donated by Blonde Ambition)  Waccabuc CC, Carriage House.  (We hope to do a little more fund raising here for things like Bleachers, an Electronic Scoreboard, etc. Entree $100/pp).
I hope you all are as excited as i am about this new addition to John Jay. (Even the skeptics, which there were a few, seem to be impressed with the results:))
See you all soon!!!

May 19, 2015

Dear Friends of KLCTA,


Yesterday we broke ground, officially!  We are 12 weeks out for KLSD to have tennis courts on campus. 


As I finish my 4th year coaching the Varsity Boys Tennis Team at JJHS, I so look forward to the kids having friends and family around as they play their matches and have their practices. Its so great to see what these athletes can accomplish, at the same time to be a part of progress at all levels of the game. A sport, a passion for life, that will enrich their health, social and mental being forever.


I can envision the middle school kids coming out for gym class, maybe a modified team after school.  I see USTA leagues, junior team tennis, conference tournaments, parents of students, community members all using the facility.  Our JJHS campus will be nicely rounded out by having another sport and facility for all to use.


Here is a small clip of an impromptu ceremony yesterday marking the occasion.  Please check out our website for updates and new pics weekly until we are done.  Also check out the ledger this week with some new press and get ready for the culmination of OUR project.


Thank you to all donors and supporters.  Without you all we could not have accomplished this mission.


Our fund raising efforts have continued to flourish.  We are up to $520,000, and need every dollar.  With additional expenses having to do with underground preparation, bonding and insurances we have had to continue to raise funds.   We will continue with our fund raising efforts in the future to make this a state of the art facility.  If you feel like you can give more…we could still use some help.  Please visit:


Thank you,



Robert Labriola

President , KLCTA


February 5, 2015

Dear Community Members and Friends of the John Jay HS Tennis Project,

This week we received the FINAL APPROVAL we were waiting for from theDEP/DEC. Now with the KLSD board approval, The State Education board approval, WE ARE FINALLY A GO!!! No additional person or any other entity needs to approve OUR gift to OUR our community!!!

I'm sorry for the blackout of time since you have heard from me but I was expecting approvals any day, for like four months..... Anyway we are moving forward. Once the great THAW occurs we will begin the construction. I'm hoping for a March start and May completion. Baring a crazy continuation of winter or an extremely cold spring, we will have courts to use before summer!!!

I hope you enjoy watching the project develop as you drive by school. I will have photo updates on our website once we begin in March.

As we plan activities around the completion of the project and the opening of the courts I will be back in touch with those details.

Thank you for your patience and commitment!!!

Enjoy the snow and stay warm!!!



Robert Labriola
Katonah Lewisboro Community Tennis Association, a 501c3 corporation

October 2, 2014

Dear Neighbors,


Last week we received the thumbs up we have been waiting for from from the State Education Department!! Now the LAST AND FINAL STEP is to get the official sign off from the DEC/DEP. They too have had our proposal for all relevant site work since the first week in June. We anticipate this WITHIN THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS. (This approval cold not be officially given until the SED approved our project)


Our tennis court contractor, OVAL TENNIS is on stand bye and will commence construction ASAP.


We will do as much as feasibly possible given the remaining days of our contraction season. There is much we will be able to do, however final coatings of our surface will require temperatures at night to be above 55 degrees. So we will see….


I will keep you all apprised of our progress and of course let you know when we plan to officially begin.


All the best,




June 19, 2014

Friends and Neighbors,

Well we passed!! The BOE of KLSD voted 5-2 to approve our project. I'm sorry Peter Treyz and Jeff Holbrook couldn't see the value of an extrodinary gift by hundreds of people in our community. A new FREE asset to the community that also comes NET maintenance free!!!
Oh well, logic is not a discipline for all.
Anyway, on-ward and upward…
Our applications have been in at the State Education Department, and DEP, and we are awaiting approvals. We are pushing buttons there to expedite this project. I am very hopeful that we are looking at a August/September construction project and courts completed in the Fall. Keep you all posted on timing….
So many people to thank. Everyone on this chain, (which I send out over 6 emails because I can't get it all out in one due to storage issues). Your financial contribution, your moral support, your emails have kept me going!!! Thank you!!!
A few very special thanks. Board of Education members starting with Mark Lipton who began this journey with me. Stephanie Tobin, thank you so much for your partnership, friendship and guidance, Charles Day for carrying the torch and support as well as Janet Harkham who has also been on board and very productive. Mike Jumper who is a consummate professional, a hard working dedicated member of our community, and last but not the least Paul Kruetzer who we should all miss for being a leader in our community and for his dedication to many great causes including this project.
Marianne Flayhan- Thank you!!! You are a great equal opportunity Booster!!! Thank you for your assistance and immediate and continuous support.
Christian McCarthy, our AD who also gets it!! A big picture guy who is an advocate for our kids experiences as student athletes. He is doing a terrific job moving our programs and campus forward!!!
Our friends at the USTA for their commitment and contribution! Thank you Marion, Bill, Virgil, Patrick and Harlen.
Oval Tennis for working diligently with me for 18 months!! Thank you John!!
Adam R. Rose and Peter R. McQuillan for their generosity to our community, AGAIN!!
Martha and Richard Handler, a big thank you!!
My board at KLCTA, starting with the dynamic duo of Judy and Gordon Aydelott. I absolutely could not have done this with out you guys. Gordon you are my inspiration in so many ways. Thank you! Thank you!!
My tennis pals, Cal, Soks Steve, Denise. Thank you for your commitment to this game, your love and friendship and your unquestionable support!!!
Diane, Alan, Deb, Vi and JD. Could not have made our events happen, or these approvals with out you guys, for sure!!! What a team!!!
Lastly and mostly, Sue! Thanks and Sorry!!!! What a partner in life!!!
A bunch more to celebrate once we have 6 beautiful courts on campus!!! I'm thinking huge ribbon cutting party!!!
I hope the Ledger gets the news right this week!!!

March 31st, 2014

A much belated update on the courts project.  We have been working very hard on several great developments and its a perfect time to share as the spring is about to be here, finally!!!
Fund Raising:  We have $454,000 pledged or donated to date.  We are raising contingency funds now, our last push.
There has been some interest in getting the kids involved in raising funds so we are doing a fun kids event next weekend APRIL 6TH, SEE ATTACHED FLYER. (7th -12th graders)
Timing of Project:
Best I can share now is that as soon as the budget/propositions are passed May 20th we are ready to roll!!!  Once we are a go on the TURF/TRACK propositions the tennis court project can move forward.  So make sure you get out to vote YES.  (It will not cost you any new tax dollars).  We will be getting the DEP to approve the project ASAP as well as the application to State Education Department first week of June.  I am hopeful that all this can be achieved by end of summer and we can begin digging shortly there after.  As soon as I know definite dates I will share them.
KCLTA:  Our new non for profit organization is launched.  The Katonah Lewisboro Community Foundation has been formed (January 2014). will go live this week.  You will be able to follow our developments there,  as well as make donations. Our Mission:



The primary purpose of the KLCTA is to construct 6 tennis courts, lighting and related amenities on the John Jay High School campus in Cross River, New York and to donate said facilities to the Katonah-Lewisboro School District in order to develop programs to bring tennis instruction and play to the students and residents of the community  by:

  • Working  cooperatively with the Katonah-Lewisboro School District and the Town of Lewisboro; 
  • Collaborating with private clubs, public parks and recreational facilities in the area to foster the development of tennis; 
  • Providing educational, health, fitness, character building and self-improvement programs;
  • Implementing tennis instruction within the physical education programs at elementary, middle and high school levels; 
  • Making the new tennis facility available not only to the students but also to town residents and their families; 
  • Utilizing the facility to sponsor junior team tennis, adult league tennis and wheelchair tennis events;
  • Granting scholarships to participants in need.
Board members: Myself, Gordon Aydelott, Stephen Cohen, Steve Sokol, Denise Upham, Cal Kramer, Alan Seiler, JD Burke, Vi Lee, Susan Labriola, Diane Crystal
I want to thank all the donors to date, via the JJ Booster club prior to 2014 or the KLCTA since.  We will be updating the website with the names of all that have made donations, as well as honoring everyone at the site once the project is completed.
If you have questions regarding the project, please feel free to contact me or any board member above.  If you need to honor your pledge please do so ASAP.  All donations should be made to KLCTA PO Box 237 Waccabuc NY 10597